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Yuan Yen Do Karate Centers

Yuan Yen Do, which when translated from the Chinese means “The Way of Change,” is based on the premise “Learn the Moves within the Moves – the Transition.” Yuan Yen Do seamlessly combines the hard style of Karate and the soft style of Kung Fu, with the emphasis on the extremes of the two. The results vastly improve delivery speed and power by allowing the sequentially arranged moves to progress without transitional lapses, one move feeding the next in a chain reaction where the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

About us

Yuan Yen Do is a Martial Art that is designed to be both a defensive and offensive fighting system with multiple combinations of Blocks, Strikes, Kicks, Fakes, Feints, Checks, Deflections, Evasions, Grappling, Sweeps, Reaps, Leg Hauks, Throws, Ground Fighting and Multiple Attack Scenarios. Through the study of the Internal Systems of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and the Six Animals – Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Snake, Dragon and Monkey – each member learns to remove the “and” from Block “and” Strike, eliminating the transitions between the moves. As the Curriculum and Body Mechanics are refined, a higher level of Mind State is developed, empowering each member to effectively handle ANY opponent, regardless of age, size or strength.

Our Masters

Grandmaster Michael H. Brown

Grandmaster Michael H. Brown

Grandmaster Brown created and continually developed the system of Yuan Yen Do since 1995. He passed away in Jan 2018 but his legacy lives on through the countless lives he touched while teaching at Yuan Yen Do Karate Centers.

Master Craig D. Brown

Master Craig D. Brown

Master Craig D. Brown is the manager of the Cohasset Karate School. He had been studying under his father since 1995. After Grandmaster’s passing, Master Brown undertook the task of continuing to develop Yuan Yen Do’s system for future generations.

Master Stephen Buchholz

Master Stephen Buchholz

Master Buchholz is a Yuan Yen Do Team Leader and has been a member since 1998.

Master Jen Gillis

Master Jen Gillis

Master Gillis is a Yuan Yen Do Team Leader and has been a member since 1998. Her favorite area of study is the Tiger Fighting Style.

Our Schools


(781) -383-2324

Route 3A, 135 King St.
(Below Cohasset Fitness Center)
Cohasset, MA 02025


(781) -826-3888

300 Oak Street, Unit 250
(Inside Corporate Park)
Pembroke, MA 02359