Red Belt Class Schedule

Red Belt Schedule

All ages (starting at 5 years old)

Class Schedules

Mondays - Thursdays

6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

* Classes are divided by age and skill level


12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

* Classes are divided by age and skill level

Yuan Yen Do Self Defense

The Focus of the Red Belt

Red Belt Attributes

  • Efficiency
  • Knowledge
  • Discipline
  • Tenacity

The goal of the Red Belt Class is to refine and perfect the member’s application of the martial arts and prepare them for Black Belt. We center the culture of the class on safely improving the member’s Tenacity during tiger tactic applications, more advanced takedown drills, bo staff leg sparring drills, and the introductions of the tiger fighting form. Combined with the new class structure and curriculum, we work to develop the intensity and Discipline needed to progress to the Black Belt level. Members will learn to eliminate the transition between their moves during application and build the Efficiency needed to confidently perform the more challenging curriculum. Once the member has shown the Knowledge and understanding of the required curriculum and control, they may progress to the Black Belt Level.

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At Yuan Yen Do, your son or daughter will be trained in the art of self defense while developing peak performance through focus, self control & discipline!

Activate your superhero

Give your child the skill of self defense and the discipline of when to use it

Red Belt High Kick
Red Belts Tournament
Red Belt Block
Red Belt Tournament 2
Red Belt Tournament 3

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Yuan Yen Do has been a game changer for my seven year old son. He has found an inner confidence we didn't know he had, and a level of focus that he is learning to apply outside of class as well. Master Brown and his staff are friendly, encouraging, and willing to recognize and work with each child's individual needs and strengths. Their system of teaching and testing is perfect for younger kids to stay motivated and keep working hard to move forward.

Kate Fardink

Posted April 5th, 2019 on Facebook

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